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Until now, the beauty of even the best window could be spoiled by the ravages of Mother Nature. Dirt. Soil. Water spots and streaks. And until now, that meant dragging out the bucket and ladder, hose and sponge.

But now, Mother Nature can actually help keep your windows clean, day in and day out, all year around - thanks to an amazing new glass that uses the power of the sun to clean itself! Called Pilkington Activ™ Self-Cleaning Galss, it features...

  • a special photocatalytic exterior surface that uses the sun's UV light (which is abundant even on cloudy days) to gradually break down, loosen and dissolve dirt and soil. Then,
  • a hydrophilic action causes water to sheet on the glass, so a light rain rinses away the loose dirt, and the windows dry with virtually no spots or streaks.

And in dry weather, just a quick squirt with a hose is usually more than enough to have your windows looking like new again!

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